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Toyo Proxes 1

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Toyo Proxes 1
295/30ZR19 100Y 100Y
240 AA A N/A

Toyo Proxes 1: Deliver Maximum Performance for Your Vehicle

If you own a powerful car, you need powerful summer tires, and the flagship Toyo Proxes 1 tire fits the bill on that front. Toyo's most advanced tire focuses on delivering high-speed performance for cornering and braking in both wet and dry conditions alike. These are powerful tires that are designed for the most powerful performance cars, so if you are in need of a summer tire that will help you get the most out of your vehicle, look no further than the Proxes 1. 

The Proxes 1 tire is equipped with an asymmetric tread design that creates world-class cornering performance thanks to the multi-compound tread on the outside of the tire. On the inside of the tire, multi-compound tread allowed Toyo to engineer industry-leading braking performance as well. The tread is also designed with large outboard shoulder blocks to increase responsiveness for the driver, and interlocking intermediate blocks also work to give cornering stability and straight-line traction as well. In short, this tire is designed to perform to its fullest potential every time.

Even vehicle handling is improved when using this high-end summer tire thanks to Toyo's TruForm technology.  With this tech, tread deformation is ultimately reduced, which leads to better vehicle stability when driving at high speeds. Additionally, drivers will enjoy an enhanced steering response and improved handling performance with their vehicle.

Another feature that sets the Proxes 1 apart from its competition is its multi-function taper. This benefits the tire by allowing uniform contact pressure during the cornering process, but that is not the only benefit of the multi-function taper. The taper also offers better resistance against hydroplaning since the taper offers a wider water channel compared to other tires.  

Additionally, while performance is certainly an integral aspect of the Toyo Proxes 1, the tire is also designed with comfort in mind. The silent wall technology of the Proxes 1 reduces pipe resonance, which in turn leads to the quiet and soft ride that makes for a better driving experience. 

Given all of these benefits, the Proxes 1 tire is the perfect fit for a wide range of makes and high-performance models. The tire also comes in a number of sizes that can provide the perfect fit for your high-performance vehicle. The Proxes 1 is also built to last with quality tire wear ratings, meaning they won't need to be replaced every year like so many other maximum performance tires. As such, the Toyo Proxes 1 tire provides a huge value and even better performance. For maximum performance and a comfortable ride, the Proxes 1 is a fantastic summer tire that is sure to please. 

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