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Cooper Trendsetter SE Reviews

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1965 Ford Mustang 07/07/2011
2:58 pm

The tires are all I expected them to be. Thank you


Buick century

1995 Buick century 04/30/2012
3:12 pm

under dry conditions the tires roll perfectly smooth. when it rained i didn't have any hydroplaning what so ever . and i tried to hydro plain but to no avail. rating : superior. handling department , very well $ good emergency handling . I spun the wheel to the right spun it to the left slammed on brakes spun wheel hit accelerator , avoided cats ,dogs. i give the trendsetter 100% rating in that department. as for high speed freeway turning i give it 100% handling rating. 85-90 mph cornering / no tire squeal . These tires dont make any noise what so ever while driving on any surface $$$ best bang for the buck. Yes you will get the millage they are rated for. I'm putting them on my Chevy blazer !!! yes i said blazer. final words : rock on cooper your awesome.

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