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Cooper CS4 Touring Reviews

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Great tire for all conditions

2008 Toyota Highlander 04/11/2014
11:49 am

I got these tires and within a week drove from Spokane, Washington to the Oregon coast and the road noise was almost non-existent. They have a good tread, handle well in the snow and ice. I would recommend this tire to anyone who wants a tire that is good for snow and ice and a very comfortable ride.


Quiet great tires

2008 Honda Fit 04/11/2014
12:23 pm

I had Dunlop tires on the car from the factory. As the tread wore down they became very noisy. I thought at first it was a bearing problem. Then after checking the various Honda Fit forums I found out it was the worn tires. The Coopers came highly recommend. Everyone said they were quiet. They were right! It's completely transformed this car. It's unbelievable the difference it's made in this car. I would highly recommend these tires to anyone. Best, Randy Phoenix, AZ


Nice Tires

2004 pontiac grand am 04/11/2014
12:23 pm

Very nice tires on the family car


Cooper CS4 Touring

1992 Ford Mustang 04/14/2014
2:02 pm

I am very happy with them so far. I don't know how to rate the scale. Is 1 good or is 5 good. I am going to guess that 5 is excellent.


Cooper CS4 Touring Tires

2008 Hyundai Azera 04/14/2014
2:03 pm

These tires handle great under wet or dry conditions. They also have deep thread and are very quiet.


cooper touring tires

2007 toyota camry 07/07/2011
2:54 pm

Love the tire but they seem to make quite a bit of noise. It was my understanding that they were whisper quiet.


Wear out too fast

2007 Toyota Camry XLE V6 04/30/2012
3:13 pm

I've had two sets of these tires and they simply wear out too fast. Supposed to last 60,000 miles and lasted only around 35,000 both times. With the front wheel drive and V6 they just don't have enough grip to stick to the road and in the rain is een worse. I basically have to barely touch the gas otherwise the tires will spin. I won't be getting these tires again.

Great Store

2010 FORD FLEX 08/12/2014
11:33 am



Good Tires

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan 10/01/2012
11:47 am

Tires ride great. Put the same tire on two cars.


Good for the price

2002 Ford T-Bird 03/11/2013
3:15 pm

Have had good luck with them so far


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