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Toyo Tires Open Country HT w/Tuff Duty Reviews

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2005 Dodge 3500 Dually Diesel 10/01/2012
12:33 pm



Toyo tires

2006 Dodge 2500 07/17/2013
3:00 pm

Good tires


Very Happy!

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 12/10/2013
10:02 am

I'm very happy with my Toyo truck tires purchased from Tire Crawler! Great value for the $!


Trailer tow

1996 dodge ram2500 04/10/2014
1:29 pm

Good quiet steady ride this is my second set


Great Tires

2005 Ford F-350 08/04/2014
12:31 pm

These tires look and handle great,low noise, so far no complaint, really like these tires.


Great tires and Distributers

2011 Ford F-450 08/04/2014
12:29 pm

Driven about 7500 miles on tires since purchase. Have no complaints. I do hear a little road noise from the tire but it's not bd t all. Tow a heavy fifth wheel trailer and it's good to have a tough tire on the truck to withstand all the different road conditions. Tire crawler company did great job getting tires to me.


Excellent HD Tires

2004 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW 09/10/2014
11:34 am

Love the Toyo Tuff Duty's. The front tires aren't rounding off the shoulders like other tires have done on my truck. Will definitely be buying these again, but it's going to be a while, as the tread life seems to be excellent. 10k miles so far & hardly any wear.


Great tow tire

2007 Dodge 3500 DRW 12/08/2014
12:00 pm

So far they have worked great, towed all over the west coast and Baja with only one flat due to a bolt in the tread.


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