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BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW Reviews

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2004 Ford Mustang Cobra 04/14/2014
1:46 pm

I Have A 480 Rwhp Mustang cobra And These Tires Have Surpassed My Expectations, They Do A Great Job Sticking To The Road In The Dry And Keep Traction In Any Wet Weather Situation. They Do Not Do Well In Ice Or Snow, The Noise Is Nothing to anyone with an aftermarket exhaust or muffler, The ride is a little on the firm side but well worth any discomfort the first time you try to throw it into a sharp Corner with only 3000 miles they still look brand new


truly amazing

1998 mitsubishi eclipse 04/30/2012
3:03 pm

I drive a 98 eclipse pushing about 350hp. had a lot of trouble and went through countless sport tire maufacturers and this tire was the answer to my prayers. Although a little pricy in comparison to some others it's well worth it. Honestly Id pay more. :) only downfall was driving to nc to visit dad and it snowed. Tires hate the snow. It was parked.

daniel pearson

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