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Nexen N3000 Reviews

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very good

2001 mercedes benz clk430 08/23/2011
10:04 am

Iam satified on this tire and the price is so reasonable.I haven't try driving on the rain yet.Because I just bought this summer.


Great value

2005 BMW 530i 01/20/2012
11:58 am

Have these tires on the rear 275/35/18 and now adding to the front. Car handles and performs well and is quieter than other tires that I spent more for.


Great Tire

2007 Mazda Mazda3 05/06/2014
2:13 pm

Overall I have been very pleased with these tires. The overall quality is great and the handling is even better. Treadware was very important to in my original purchase of these tires and they have not let up since I bought them over 3 years ago. I bought them after lowering my Mazda3 and installing camber kits on it and because of this I felt like I needed to have a higher treadware rating. If you buy another tire you will not get this high of a treadware rating, like this tire. In fact other tires of this size come no where near the treadware rating of this tire.

Excellent Tire

2011 Jaguar XF Premium 05/06/2014
2:12 pm

This tire has smooth, fantastic performance on dry surfaces. It's quiet and rides well. On wet surfaces, it tends to be a little slick, but it may have more to do with the performance of my vehicle moreso than the tire itself.


Great tires, great price

2007 Ford 500 10/01/2012
12:15 pm

We have been happy with these tires. Zero problems!


New tire

2011 Honda Accord 10/01/2012
11:40 am



Great Tires

2007 Mercedes CLS550 10/01/2012
11:34 am

As an alternative to recommended Continental Tires, this Nexen 3000 performs just as well or better, I'm very satisfied


Nexen Tires

2006 Mercedes Benz CLK350 08/12/2014
12:06 pm

Excellent tires. I have brought 3 sets for three of my cars. It is well worth buying from


Good Tired

1999 Honda Civic 07/19/2013
11:32 am

Bought these tires they are really good not too expensive and gives you everything your looking for nice thread and handling


great tire

2005 07/19/2013
11:20 am

Really like my nexen3000 tires so far, look good, run and handle good in dry and wet.Will really consider these for my next purchase.


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