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Cooper CS4 Touring Reviews

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Replacement Cooper CS4

2002 Honda Civic LX Coupe 11/13/2014
9:59 am

Ordered 1 Cooper CS4 for my 2002 Civic because one was stolen off my car in my driveway (hey, I live in NY!!!)No one in the whole country had one except Tire Crawler. Even with shipping to NY, their price was very good and the service was excellent. Recommend!!


Great price and tires

2007 Chevy Equinox 07/23/2014
11:29 am

This was a great buy. They are the same tires that came on my vehicle when it was new. Will pass on this to my friends and family.AAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++


Coops on a bimmer

1992 BMW 735i 05/05/2014
10:34 am

Overall Id rate as adequate to good except for snow traction where they are just bad. But cant beat price for a touring. Performs well as a touring tire only.


Great Tire

2006 Honda Odyssey 08/12/2014
11:16 am

I put 50,000 miles on my original Michelin tires that came with my 2006 Honda Odyssey. They were good tires, but very noisy on my Odyssey and were not good in wet weather after their first year. On the US Gulf Coast we get very heavy rains so I was interested in a good wet weather tire. After reading some reviews I reluctantly went with the Cooper CS4, and I am very glad I did. They are outstanding in heavy rains and had a quieter ride than the original tires. I did not get 80,000 miles on them. I replaced them at about 65,000 miles. I could have gone a few more miles, but I like my family on newer tires. When I replaced them the tire salesman tried to talk me into Michelin Defenders, but I instead went for the Cooper CS4s again. I don't understand why anyone would live where it snows, so I cannot attest to their snow traction, but they are outstanding in wet weather.



1:29 pm

these tires are wonderul. tirecrawler was the cheapest place to get them. i have already purchased 3 sets of tires from tirecrawler


Awesome Tires

2006 Hyundai Azera 04/10/2014
11:33 am

Best tires I have owned



2009 Hyaundai Sonata 04/10/2014
10:58 am

Tires appear to be smooth riding.


Nice all weather tire

2010 Chevrolet Impala 12/10/2013
10:42 am

First set and handle great, snow and winter is not a problem as long as you stay focused on your right foot on the fuel pedal. Will definately get these again


great tires

2006 VW Jetta TDI 12/10/2013
10:46 am

By far the best tires I've ever owned. I got nearly 60,000 miles out of them, but probably should have replaced a little sooner. They are rock solid in the rain, handle 35 mph curves here in the mtns at 50 mph easily, and had even wear. Hard to imagine someone not being pleased with the wear of this tire, I'm on my second set.

monty 49

2008 chysler town&country 12/10/2013
10:47 am

price was great the ride is really good and the noise is minimal.


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