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Goodyear Wrangler MT/R With Kevlar Reviews

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Brilliant Tyres

2005 Jeep Liberty-Renegade 04/11/2014
11:23 am

Mud and Snow - Above average Rock crawling - Brilliant Road Noise - above average Road Handling - some squirm but great traction for this sort of tyre. Wet Weather road - above average Tread Wear - below average if one drives on sealed roads most of the time. I average 50/50 on sealed and off. Tread Wear driving and cornering quickly - Increases dramatically due to block movement and tyre design. It isn't a road tyre! Tread Wear Rock crawling and dirt - Brilliant. Best off-road tyre to date. I crawl in dirt, mud, rock, hard-sharp schist and sharp quartz out-crops while prospecting remotely. I prefer these over the BF A/T's I've always. BF's are my backups now. I drive over sharp rock, branches and more often than not, broken glass and or tins from the late 1800's that are usually around old mines. Only recently have I managed to hole my rear right, as well as push a 3 inch steel rod through the tyre. Considering the absolute beating I have given these tyre's, I'm amazed I wasn't sidelined a long time ago. Worth every penny in my honest opinion.


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