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Pirelli P Zero Sysytem Asimmetrico

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Pirelli P Zero Sysytem Asimmetrico
345/35ZR15 95Y 95Y
140 A A N/A

PZero System is the world's first individually matched directional and asymmetric ultra high performance tire. Designed for use in tandem, or separately, according to the type of car, conditions of use and driving style.
Its racing construction offers superior torsional strength, grip and steering response under stress.
Tread pattern
Asimmetrico: The asymmetric design features a block pattern inner section, a central area with two continuous ribs and a semi-slick outer section.
Direzionale: The directional design solves the problem of wet grip and aquaplaning associated with high performance cars fitted with wide-section front tires. PZero Direzionale maximises water expulsion, leaving a drier surface for the rear Asimmetrico
$789.99 each
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