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Cooper Zeon ZPT

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Cooper Zeon ZPT
195/50R15 82H 82H
380 A A N/A

 Product Overview

The Cooper Zeon ZPT is a premium all-season, H-rated high performance tire targeted to the growing “tuner” market. The Cooper Zeon ZPT provides an ultra-high performance “look” at the more affordable H-rated price. It is especially suited for foreign and domestic compacts that have undergone wheel/tire “plus fitment” upgrades.

H-Speed Rating

This performance radial meets H-rated speed criteria of 130 MPH on indoor wheel tests.






Performance Engineered Package

This performance radial combines a spiral wound nylon overwrap, steel belts, and a polyester cord body in a solid, high-tech construction package to meet car enthusiasts' demands for responsive handling.


Directional Tread

Designed to perform best when rotating in the specified direction, this pattern cuts through surface water to prevent hydroplaning. Directional capability helps provide outstanding traction and handling.


$69.99 each
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