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Cooper Lifeliner GLS

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Cooper Lifeliner GLS
185/70R14 88T 88T
540 A B 65,000 miles

Product Overview

65,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (U.S. Only)

The Lifeliner GLS is Cooper’s first line all-season touring tire designed for consumers looking for touring performance in a moderately-priced tire. It is ideally suited as a replacement set of tires on the vehicle. The Lifeliner GLS fits a wide range of automobiles requiring an S- or T-rated touring tire, both foreign and domestic.

Even-Wearing Design

A notched, solid center rib, along with a refined tread element shape, helps provide even treadwear. Shoulder slotting is also designed for resistance to irregular wear while providing solid, all-season performance.

Touring Tread Formula

The compounding used in the Lifeliner GLS has been formulated for long wear and all weather grip to provide consumers with value and dependability in a variety of conditions.

Quiet Riding Design

The five-rib, all season design employs a computer enhanced sound quality system that optimizes the tread patterns pitch sequence for a quiet ride.

T Performance Rated

Capable of sustaining indoor test wheel speeds of 118 mph (190 km/h), this speed rating allows the consumer to match the replacement tire requirements to the OE fitment on their vehicles.


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