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Toyo Open Country A/T II

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Toyo Open Country A/T II
LT235/85R16 E 120/116R
N/A 50000 miles
E Black

Toyo Open Country AT II

The Toyo Open Country AT II Tire is an all-terrain tire designed for both on-road and off-road use. It fits light trucks and sport utility vehicles. The Open Country AT II Tire lasts 40 percent longer than similar tires from other competitors, and comes with an industry-leading warranty and trial offer. This tire is available in Xtreme sizes that have a deeper tread depth for more rugged terrain. These versions of the Open Country AT II Tire also feature a more aggressive shoulder and treads design.


The available sizes for the Open Country AT II Tire are available from Toyo . The sizing parameters for tires include diameter, height and width. A tire's diameter is the diameter of the wheel upon which the tires fits, and is commonly measured in inches. A tire's height is approximately the distance from the wheel's rim to the tire's tread surface when the tire isn't carrying any weight. The width is the distance from sidewall to sidewall at the tire's widest point. Some manufacturers such as Toyo express the height and width as a percentage by dividing the height by the weight and multiplying this quotient by 100. A tire's height and width are typically measured in millimeters.

Performance Ratings

Toyo rates its tires in various categories on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating. The Open Country AT II Tire has a rating of 3.0 for rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency and may increase tread life. Toyo rates this tire at 3.5 on ride comfort and quietness. The Open Country AT II Tire scores 4.0 on dry handling, wet handling, winter handling and off-road traction. The tread-life rating for this tire is 5.0.


The Open Country AT II Tire has a range of features that improve its performance on unpaved surfaces. These tires are composed of a wear-resistant tread compound that provides excellent durability. Its open-tread block design provides a quiet ride while achieving high traction on loose surfaces such as snow, mud and dirt. The zigzag sipes and polygonal blocks of the Open Country AT II Tire make it especially effective on snow. The deep grooves of the treads also improve traction on snow, and the tread blocks are specifically designed to eject stones from the grooves. The tie bars between the blocks stabilize the tread blocks, reduce regular wear and improve braking in dry conditions.

Shoulder Design

The Open Country AT II Tire is available with three shoulder designs, depending on the size and construction of the tire. The Metric and P-Metric sizes of this model have a mildly-scalloped shoulder. The Floatation and LT-Metric sizes have a regularly-scalloped shoulder and the Xtreme sizes have a deeply-scalloped shoulder.


The Open Country AT II Tire has the same limited warranty that Toyo offers on all of its tires. They also have a 65,000-mile warranty on the Metric and P-Metric sizes, and a 50,000-mile warranty on the LT-Metric and Flotation sizes.



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