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Shocks & Struts

monroe KYB

Shocks/struts do wear out over time but they do not have a set replacement time like a spark plug or air filter. A vehicle's shocks/struts deteriorate gradually over time, the decline in ride control often goes unnoticed. Exactly when a shock/strut needs to be replaced is difficult to say, here are as few tips which will help determine if you should have your shocks/struts inspected.

  • Vehicle dips forward excessively when brakes applied.
  • Vehicle bounces excessively when driving over a bump.
  • Vehicle bottoms out when hauling extra weight or carrying extra passengers.
  • Vehicle sways excessively when cornering or in high wind conditions.
  • Shocks/struts appear to be leaking fluid
  • Shocks/struts appear damaged

If you feel your vehicle may need new shocks/struts please give us a call. We would be happy to inspect your vehicle's ride control components and give you a straight forward honest evaluation.

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